Monday, January 22, 2007

Jolly Holiday

Well, I had a roaring good time with Rover and the Pig in Arizona! We went to the Barrett Jackson car auction, drank, ate, swam, hot tubbed, etc. On the last night, we went clubbing. Rover and I danced several dances, and we all drank just a tad bit too much, but it was all in good fun. We took a cab back to the hotel, where Rover and I fooled around like teenagers while the Pig passed out and snored like a freight train in the next bed. Really, it was a great trip.

I'm really happy right now. Extremely happy with Rover. Very content with my life in general.

Today, and all week, I am taking a fire-related course, and then I have at least one or more scheduled each month for the next four months. I've also enrolled in an on-line bookkeeping class, so I should be productively busy for a while.

My back has healed and as soon as this class is over I can hit the gym again. I need to get back into a routine. (I always say that; it's always true.)

I haven't yet heard whether or not I will get the temporary promotion/assignment to the 911 Center, but rumor has it I am the most qualified for the position. That doesn't necessarily mean I'll get the post, but it's nice to hear that I'm at least the most qualified. At this point, I don't care if I get the position or not. It would just be nice to know.

Back to Rover.... Things are moving along so well. I'm more comfortable with him than ever and feel more in love in a way I never imagined. I know I've said that RacerEx was the love of my life, but I'm beginning to believe that this relationship will surpass any other I've had, if it hasn't already. We really seem in sinc with one another--at least emotionally. He makes me feel so good. I hope I do the same for him. It's so unexpected. I can't get over how far we've come, how much our love has deepened and our relationship has matured. Our rapport suits me perfectly, and we are more committed to one another than ever.

Still, neither of us wants marriage. Me less so than ever. I'm honestly very secure with where I am in my life. I like my autonomy just as I'm sure he likes his.

So I'm good, really, really good.

* * * *
Lupron hasn't really taken effect I think. I am bleeding again, more heavily than ever, soaking thru heavy protection in an hour or less for the last two days. I need to go back to the internet and do more research to see if this is normal in the first month. Otherwise, I need to call my OB/Gyn. Grrrr! Stinks being a woman some times.

Anyhow, that's the low down. Gotta go do some homework. Bye.

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