Saturday, April 14, 2007

The More I Change, The More Things Stay The Same

Haven't been writing (or reading other's posts) lately. Sorry. Just been too busy. Haven't been inspired.

Also, I injured my neck at a fire and my thumb, index and middle fingers of my right hand have been numb for going on six weeks now. Thought I should lay off the typing, as it exacerbates things some.

Just got back from a trip to NYC with Rover, his friends and their three kids. Nice trip, altho it's difficult traveling in a pack of seven. Nonetheless, we had a great time together.

I'm feeling so good anymore. Healthy. I'm definitely not depressed. Haven't been in so long. The periods of melancholy I sometimes feel grow shorter and are farther apart. I am productive. I am thriving.

Work's a bitch tho. I find it a constant source of irritation. At times, it brings me down and chips away at my confidence. But I wear the golden handcuffs willingly, and so I cannot really complain.

Rover and I are fantastic. Better and better with each day. Our love is one I have never known. I have begun to let him in more and more, to give more of myself to him. I have made some great strides where love is concerned. I have been a bit stingy with it in the past. I am doing my best to give back what he is giving me.

And here's a surprise: Rover and I have the healthiest, most mature relationship I've even been in. Very odd considering our shaky beginnings. This year marks our fifth year together and I am more in love with him than ever. I have never experience a love like this one which renews itself over and over and gets better all the time.

That's about it, really. I think about blogging from time to time. I think about you O.K. and hope all is well. I apologize for not reading or writing more often. Justin, I still think about you and hope you are in a better place, that things for you are coming together as they have come together for me. Drop me a line some time.