Wednesday, September 19, 2007

To Yellowstone & Back Again

Just came home from a quick vacation in Yellowstone. I've been there several times and wanted Rover to see it. What a gorgeous place. It has been such a long time that I've been in the mountains and in the wilderness. At first, as we drove in after our long drive across the Nevada desert and through Idaho, I didn't even notice the beauty of the rivers and meadows as we made our way into the Park and to our hotel. By the next morning, however, as the sun made its way up over the hills and as the rivers began to glisten in the new light, I began to take in the views in a different way. Awesome beauty. The whole park, the whole place is just stunning. What a treat to see the wild animals wandering around peacefully in their element. At one point, and through binoculars, I watched a coyote running across a grassland. It stopped up short and sniffed the ground, turning in circles as it sniffed the grass. Did it lose its prey to a hiding hole in the ground? I'll never know, but it was great fun to watch.

I'm home now, still on vacation, relaxing the best I can during my busy days. I am happy. Content. Loving life. I love Rover more and more each day. Cherish him. And my love is returned by him ten fold. It is still amazing to me that things have turned out this way. Who'd have thunk it, indeed.

Well, I've got to get moving. Time sure passes by quickly.

See ya.