Monday, October 6, 2008

Salute Me

Well, I passed my promotional exam. Did really well, actually--top 8%! Yay me! So I'll get my bugles and a white shield for my helmet.

Sadly, my two study partners did not fare as well. They will probably not get promotions unless the Chief of Department skips over people on the list (which can be done by law as long as they're in a certain score range). I feel especially bad for one of my partners, who is pushing 55 and has 28 years in and will now probably be forced to retire.

But I'm happy for myself.

Weird tho. I sent out an email to friends and family to let them know the results of my exam. Heard back from everyone except my own father. So I wrote him again. And again. No word. Finally, I called him. Yes, he'd gotten my emails, but he's been "really busy" lately. What a frickin' narcissist! Can't he even take 2 minutes to say "congratulations"? I don't know why I'm surprised or perturbed. He always lets me down. My fault, really, for having any expectations, but still, what an ass.

* * * *
I get so much pleasure out of RedDog--even if he's a royal pain in the butt. He gave me a scare recently after eating rat poison... and then after becoming listless and lethargic with a fever of 103 (not related to the rat poison)... but he's all tightened up now and running around like a mad man once again. Problem is, he's gained weight (I'm a bad mother!), and now I've had to put him on a diet to turn him back into the svelte dog his breed is supposed to be. It's difficult because he's such an eater!

Even Rover has melted under the power of his adorableness. Rover, who has never had a pet in his life told me that he took RedDog to bed with him the other night when I wasn't home and slept with him under the covers all night.

He's not much of a morning dog, but I've been forcing him out at 7:00 (in his sweater, of course) to walk with the neighborhood group of dogs/ladies, and he's been loving it. When I first got him, he hated going out in the mornings and would shake and shiver and hang back, but now I think it's because he was sick and feverish and I didn't know it. Now that he's healthy again, he's full of vigor and hardly shivers at all .

This is how he likes to sleep best.

He's pretty funny.

Anyhow, that's my life right now. I've got to go.

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Oklahoma Farmgirl said...

Oh my gosh!! That pic is soooo cute!! Glad RedDog is feeling better-it sucks when our furkids are sick!! For me it is the exact same thing as when my son was a baby & couldn't tell me where it hurt.

Congratulations!!! on the promotion. You worked hard for this & truly deserve it. I am so proud of you!!


Blessed be...