Sunday, March 11, 2007

Fixed Like a Dog

Well, Rover had his vasectomy on Thursday. No more puppies for him. He's been convalescing on my couch for the last 2 days and he's doing well--no complications so far.

We're both looking forward to the days of no birth control.

Meanwhile, his being laid out on my couch had given me the opportunity to get some things done around the house. Yesterday I tended to my much-neglected back yard, pulling weeds and turning the soil. The new tidiness of it has inspired me to get some plants in the ground this year instead of letting the plot remain empty. I haven't been tending to it, because we were going to build a small sitting wall, but it doesn't really look as if that's going to happen any time soon. Besides, if I'm going to rent the house out when I move in with Rover, it makes little sense to pour money into hardscaping when I can just put in some large containers as well as stuff on the ground. Rover also suggested I put some hanging pots on the posts we put in last year; a fine idea. I have a couple of picutes from some magazines on what kinds of plants I'd like. I just have to find them and put them in the ground.

* * * *
My birthday's coming up on Thursday. 41. Wows. Moving right along, aren't I.

Aside from that, nothing new to report. Gotta get going. Lost an hour last night and it's getting late.

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sleeplessinoklahoma said...

Just dropping by for a quick hello!! Sounds like all is good in your world. I'm so glad!! Hope ROver is feeling better. When are you moving??? Good vibes for finding the right renter.
Have a fabulous, wonderful, fun weekend.

Blessed be...

PS Try not to work soooo hard!!
Take care, dear girl